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Aircraft created in Dagestan demonstrated at MAKS-2019

28 August 2019 23:07 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Makhachkala, August 28, 2019. For the first time Dagestan defense concern Kizlyar Electromechanical Plant (OJSC Concern KEMZ) demonstrated a multi-purpose four-seater MAI-411 aircraft in the air at the MAKS-2019 international aerospace show, Ibrahim Akhmatov, director general of the enterprise is quoted as saying.

“Three times today the plane was in the air and successfully showed all its capabilities ... Last year we demonstrated a prototype at the MAKS, now it is flying. We hope to find customers here” - I. Akhmatov noted. As to Akhmatov, the representatives of several countries, in particular India and Iran, have already shown interest in the aircraft, but there are no specific supply agreements yet.

I. Akhmatov said that for the first time the MAI-411 was flown in April 2019: "On April 12, we took it into the air in honor of the Cosmonautics Day, since then we have passed all the necessary tests".

The MAI-411 aircraft was developed in conjunction with the design bureau of the Moscow Aviation Institute and produced at manufacturing facilities of the Kizlyar enterprise. Its take-off weight is 1250 kg, it can fly at the cruising altitude of up to 3 thousand meters and the distance of 1,5 thousand kilometers with maximum load and can be used in air transportation, air patrolling, aerial photography, instrumental monitoring, and air tourism. According to the plant administration, the project to create an aircraft was launched about 3 years ago, the total amount of investments made approx. 200 million rubles.

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