Pilgrims from Dagestan can perform small hajj for first time since pandemic

01 November 2021 20:50 Posted in:  SOCIETY

The pilgrims from Dagestan and other regions of the Northern Caucasus will be able to go on a Minor Hajj (umrah) with a direct flight from Makhachkala to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) from mid-December for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Bulat Kurbanov, the director general of the Hajj company Marwa Tour says.

In February 2020, Saudi Arabia suspended entry for pilgrims to perform the Minor Hajj, which Muslims perform throughout the year. In June, it was decided to cancel the big hajj for foreign pilgrims.

Since August 1 2021, foreign pilgrims are again accepted in the country, provided they are vaccinated with one of the drugs approved by the Public Health Ministry of KSA. The Russian vaccines are not yet included into this list.

“After Saudi Arabia lifted some of the restrictions, and continues to remove them, we receive a lot of requests from pilgrims who have a certificate of vaccination of one of the vaccines recognized by Saudi Arabia. We realized that we can form a large number of groups of such pilgrims and resume regular flights to Jeddah” Kurbanov is quoted as saying.

The first flight is scheduled for December 15, while flights to Jeddah will be operated every two weeks. However, if one of the Russian vaccines is recognized in Saudi Arabia, the flight is planned to be made weekly, Kurbanov noted.

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