Wednesday 29 March 2023


Dagestan Constitution Day

R. Abdulatipov: "Many years ago someone said that the peace is preserved due to the friendship among the peoples of Dagestan"

Many participants visit the "House of Friendship" Hall. The number of highlanders can be estimated at the distance, seeing the dozens of papakhas

Dagestan celebrates the national holiday – the Constitution Day.

Dagestani Head notes that folk costumes noticeably transform people: "Men look more manfully and women in feminine way.

Many Dagestan artists and singers perform in festive events.

Dagestan Head R. Abdulatipov and the acting mayor of Makhachkala M. Rabadanov address their speeches to Dagestanis

A solemn ceremony takes place in the city’s main square – the Lenin Square

The entrance to the square is strictly guarded by police officers.