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Abdussamad Gamidov participates in opening DSTU’s new administrative building

01 July 2014 13:45 Posted in:  POLITICS Source :  RIA"Dagestan"
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Makhachkala, July 1, 2014. Daghestan Prime Minister Abdussamad Gamidov visited a solemn opening of a new administrative building of Daghestan State Technical University, the press service of the Daghestan head and government’s administration informed RIA "Daghestan". A DSTU graduate, Gamidov congratulated the administrative and the teaching staff of the university on having quarters.

"It is a milestone event for Daghestan, and I think we are going to have many more buildings like that. The DSTU is a very well-staffed team reputable as a very efficient university," Gamidov said thanking university’s Rector Tagir Ismailov for the great work he’s been doing for the university and for Daghestan.

In turn, Ismailov thanked the Daghestan leadership, the Ministry of education, science and youth policy and Russian State Duma deputies for their support and assistance in providing the new quarters. He added that they were planning to have a new computing center, a research lab and an educational lab. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the delegation inspected the new building’s audience halls and rooms.

1st Vice-Speaker of Daghestan parliament Yuri Levitsky said that Daghestan State Technical University has always been actively developing, and it is Rector Tagir Ismailov’s accomplishment. "They frequently modernize their labs and create good environment for teachers to teach and for students to learn in the DSTU. The university is always among the first ones at Russian and international exhibitions. Tahir Ismailov is also a member of Daghestan National Assembly, where he demonstrates active work and does a lot of good for the region he is representing," Levitsky noted. 

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